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Golden Wave Team

Human Resources is the most important asset of a company. To Golden Wave, that truth is always respected as the core foundation to build a strong and collaborate team. We never stop working for the improvement in our customer’s satisfication and our staff ‘s living standard. At Golden Wave, your eight-to-five working life will not be filled with boring paperworks or tedious tasks, instead, it is a string of happy and joyful days where everyone is striving for a same goal together. We are not employees, we are the members of a big family – Golden Wave – our Second Home where we can always work hard and play hard.

Golden Wave creates an open and creative working environment for all members so that we can completely concentrate on serving our customers with the company’s core values - responsibility and honesty. Once you work with us, you will easily realize our dynamism and professionalism in every detail. Shall we share and expericence it together?

With our support on the forwarding, logistics and customs brokerage, all you need to take care now is your own business.