Providing whole package service (3PL service), a kind of service integrating pickup and delivery, forwarding and warehouse. 3PL service is the currently developing trend of most of businesses nowadays and it will be on the way to become 4 PL service, even 5 PL service.

3PL service is able to help businesses to control all operation in their supply chain, impulse sub material in input from suppliers and deliver merchandise to consumers most speedily, safely and exactly.

Vietnamese pickup and delivery companies as well as forwarding companies are putting their investment to change to be adaptive to the world economy, Golden Wave is not an exception, it has been doing its best continuously to perform at most in each section of 3 PL chain to create a merchandise control system from the starting point to the ending point to provide better service for customers.

Services to be provided as follows:

  • Seeking suppliers, negotiating to sign contract,
  • Preparation of documents, customs declaration, insurance, assessment, analysis - classification,
  • Packaging, warehouse, leasing means of transportation, etc.

With the motto "Best quality in optimal cost", Golden Wave always expects this service is capable to assist customers to obtain better competitive advantage, focus on resources for core business operation.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Emily - 0934 050 343
E: truchuynh@goldenwave.vn