Customs Brokerage

In doing import export business customs declaration, liquidation of contracts, tax reimbursement, getting licenses from Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and obtaining quota from Ministry of Trade, etc. are terrible obstacles for a lot of businesses.

Golden Wave has been approved as a customs brokerage by Ho Chi Minh City Sub Department of Customs since 2012. With a qualified dynamic devoted staff of high profession understanding thoroughly laws and stipulations of products, tax, customs procedures, Golden Wave confidently provides professional services:

  • Consulting profession and appropriate solution for actual situation of import export merchandise of businesses.
  • Executing customs brokerage through contract of customs declaration service.
  • Practicing service of customs declaration, transportation or combination of transportation, merchandise insurance, etc. for industry of food and stuffs, machinery, industrial material and sub-material, merchandise for project and exhibition.
  • Consulting relevant HS code relying on each category of item.
  • Getting import export license for merchandise under special profession management of ministries and ministry equivalent bodies.
  • Consulting and Executing to get approval of C/O certificate.
  • Tax reimbursement, free tax collection of export production and processing.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately for information in detail concerning issues such as:

  • Consulting current stipulations and formalities.
  • Appropriate HS codes and import export tax rates.
  • Efficient transportation solution and cost saving for each shipment.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Emily - 0934 050 343